How using building blocks makes your app stronger and more resilient than ever

  • How app building blocks make your app stronger
  • Introducing StriveCloud’s app gamification blocks
  • HumanForest — an example of how to do gamification right!
  • TLDR

How app building blocks make your app stronger

#1 Keeping up with users wants & needs

#2 Keeping up with the competition

Introducing StriveCloud’s app gamification blocks

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  1. Make it competitive.
    Foster a sense of competition, collaboration, or challenge with gamification features like leaderboards, custom ranking points, and challenges. In this way, you bring a sense of unpredictability that keeps the user engaged!
  2. Make progress visible.
    Leverage achievements, progress bars, and leveling systems to keep users engaged.
  3. Reward participation.
    Retain more users with a carefully thought-out rewards system. Insert points, badges, and in-app currencies to give users a sense of accomplishment & positive reinforcement!
  4. Make winning easy to understand.
    Empower your users by making their experience clear with contextual notifications and a custom mailing system.
  5. Make the experience social.
    Drive community engagement & viral growth with gamification features like user profiles, avatars, and referrals. With these motivational triggers, you fulfill the incredibly powerful need for social relatedness.

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HumanForest — an example of how to do gamification right!

An in-game currency that incentivizes green transportation

Take a leaf out of HumanForest’s book & gain speed with the gamification building blocks from StriveCloud. Gamify your app in no time — custom to your goals!

Leaderboards that rank how many trees users have saved

app personalization gamification leaderboard

The next steps for HumanForest

gamification app examples mobility


  • As the supply in apps grows, so do user expectations. Users expect a high level of app personalization.
  • App building blocks are an easy way of improving your app without spending an endless amount of time in development.
  • Building blocks make implementing features easy — think of it as adding a LEGO piece to a structure.
  • The flexibility that building blocks provide strengthens your relationship with customers and the competition
  • The gamification building blocks from StriveCloud allow you to insert gamification mechanics into your app.
  • These gamification blocks allow you to make the user experience competitive and social, as well as reward user participation and make progress visible.
  • HumanForest is just one app that is taking advantage of it
  • The e-bike mobility app features an in-game currency called TreeCoins that incentivizes sustainable traveling.
  • As well as a leaderboard that ranks user’s coins
  • And in the future, HumanForest plans to utilize the building blocks to their full potential and include more exciting features!

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